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From idea to production.

We can forecast materialneeds and suggest smart solutions for just your products.

Long experiance will reduce cost and speeds up the process.

See us as a partner - Dont try to invent the wheel again


Hamrånge InredningsHamrånge Inrednings


Broad range of maschines from conventional to Ultra Sonic. From high power to fast automatics.

Individual needs will guide us in choice of methods. Antistatic, electric conductivity, strech, kevlar and other - dont waste your time - we know. 

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High speed cutting with computer aid programs. Reduce waist to minimum.

Our machins come from Lectra and Gerber and able to cut materials from a few mm up to 10 mm. If the material is thicker we can punch it


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Combination between materials will indicate the right method for welding. Ultra Sonic Welding or High Frevency are the most common types!

Antistatic or conductive material give you a better result in Ultra Sonic Welding. Other material works better in HF. For us and you there is no problems because we have booth

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Punching is the best way if your operations is larger. With 160 tons of preasure we can handle most of technical fabrics.

We can also assist in finding the right punchtools

Hamrånge InredningsHamrånge Inrednings


Glueing is a scientific area this days.

Today its possible to glue more material than ever. With modern equipment and long experince we maybe can move your buisness forward


Hamrånge InredningsHamrånge Inrednings

Foam cutting

With about 10 diffrent qualitys in stock we are able to meet most of the demands for fast deliverys.

The skill of our staff is our advantage to our competitors.

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It takes many years to became a skillfull craftsman in this field. We can suggest solutions long before starting production and avoid wasting time for all parts.

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With a stock of many diffrent wooden materials can we saw, drill and cut in a very short time.

To bend wood by preasure is another  of ours diciplines. Nice to use for prototypes and smaller series. Avoid expensive tools for small productlines. Ask us...

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Webbcutting with heat or knife.

Many other machines for all types of needs

 Labels and markings. We can support our customer with their own Art No or logos in a few minutes. Print on Booth fabric and PVC and similair materíals